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About Us

Our Story

In 1968, Fastway Inc. started its humble beginnings as a small fab shop founded by Thomas Earls Sr. a WWII veteran. The fab shop mainly focused on producing tool boxes, dump truck covers, and cutting outfits-but soon evolved into an air pollution control system. In the 1980’s Fastway became one of the leaders in the baghouse service industry with a commitment to service and employee safety.

Being a small business in the service industry Fastway quickly realized the challenges facing the little guys when it came to sourcing safety PPE.  It can be confusing finding the right products to meet regulations, and even harder to find those products at an economical price.  In 1998, Thomas Earls Sr. and Thomas Earls Jr. opened Fastway Inc.’s safety division. Their primary goal was to take the savings of buying wholesale and pass those on to local businesses.

Today the safety division continues to grow while keeping the original goal in mind. Fastway has evolved the industrial safety product line and transitioned into the internet sales and ecommerce markets with full force. This has allowed Fastway to offer even better service, better products, and better prices. Fastway Incorporated has maintained its family dynamics and values on transcending the trust and loyalty associated with family ties to its customers and business operations.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best service to our customers
  • To only offer the best quality products
  • To be the best in the safety products industry

At Fastway Safety we are committed to our customers. For over 45 years we have offered safe and quality products that have not only evolved with the needs of real workers, but with technological advances. Our values are to keep our clients secure in any products they purchase, and allow them access to only the best service in the industry. We understand that safety on a job site, only allows a company more accuracy and success.